• Sarah Palin's Hair Salon Gets a TV Show

    In the United States, our media has a long, proud history of only rewarding the truly deserving with attention. Unlike some tawdry, sensationalist media machines in other cultures, our most prominent film, publishing and television outlets seek to promote and highlight those individuals who've truly affected the world in a positive manner through hard work, extraordinary talent, and devotion.

    On that note, TLC has decided to give Sarah Palin's hair salon its own television series

    The identity of the salon was not revealed in a news release sent out last week by TLC. The release simply said the show "goes inside a busy hair salon in Wasilla, Alaska, where the personalities of the owner and her staff are as big as the hairstyles they create."

    But the Beehive, owned by Palin fan Jessica Steele, issued a Facebook post confirming that it was the subject of the TLC show.

    "TLC just announced their fall lineup, and we are on it!!!! Our show is called Big Hair Alaska!!!! Omg!!! It's really happening!!!! :) ," said the message, posted on Monday.

    Why all the secrecy in the initial press release? Surely anyone familiar with the concept of "context clues" could deduce that the network responsible for forcing Sarah Palin's Alaska on the world wouldn't just showcase a random Wasilla beauty parlor. And since when did Wasilla grow so huge it needed more than one beauty parlor, anyway? Sounds like that town's getting a little too big for its all-American, outdoorsy, sexy britches.

    At any rate: Congratulations, The Beehive! Your MySpace photos are just the initial gateway to the world of glamor and razzle-dazzle your TV series will surely explore. We hope Big Hair Alaska features at least one visit by America's Heroine (we mean Bristol, obviously). We also pray that TLC doesn't do a lamestream media hit job on these fine folks and ask them really tough questions like, you know, "What newspapers do you read?"

    We hear that's the kind of thing that can really stress a gal from Wasilla out.

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