• Birthers Attempt to Revive "Debate"

    A new billboard in Des Moines, Iowa is the latest canvas upon which the looniest Tea Partiers can artistically express their very special feelings about our president. Joseph Farah, the person responsible for the aggressively right-wing WorldNetDaily.com, has gone and bought himself some ginormous advertising space at the corner of 14th Street and Army Post Road. You can check out Farah's handiwork above, which succinctly asks the question still on everyone's most racist cousin's mind: "WHERE'S THE REAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE?"

    Farah's an old pro at this sort of thing. In fact, he proudly owns up to having essentially invented the birth certificate "controversy" in the first place

    Farah launched the famous "Where's the Birth Certificate?" billboard campaign in May of 2009. At the time, only a very small percentage of Americans were even aware of the eligibility questions surrounding Obama. More than 90 billboards were placed nationwide throughout the course of the campaign. Within six months of its launch, polls showed most Americans were aware of the controversy. Six months later, most Americans doubted Obama's eligibility.

    Ah yes, those halcyon days when "only a very small percentage of Americans" (i.e., Joseph Farah's immediate family) were even aware that a tiny cadre of devoted weirdos wanted to whip up a false controversy in order to cover their real objection to the election of Barack Hussein Obama. We couldn't help but wonder: What if Joseph Farah and his pals just cut the lying and put up a billboard that says what really bothers them about our president?

    We imagine that billboard would look something like this

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