• Donald Trump Not Quite Done Playing Presidential Candidate

    Good news! Donald Trump has apparently discovered a new way to make people hopefully point more television cameras at him and make-believeĀ  he has important stuff to say about stuff and other things

    In a phone interview from New York Monday afternoon with CNN, Donald Trump said he "would seriously consider" [running for President.] While discussing the recent downgrade by Standard and Poor's, Trump said the creeping economic downturn was the impetus behind him re-visiting the question of a run.

    "If the economy continues to go the way it's going, and if the Republicans pick the wrong candidate, I would certainly consider it," Trump said… "I would seriously consider [running] as an independent," Trump said. "I think it's maybe time for that."

    With all due respect to Mr. Trump, I don't think it's quite time for that just yet. I mean, Celebrity Apprentice probably won't start running till March of next year, so I'm thinking he should hold off any announcements until January at the earliest.

    That'd be the real sweet spot from a marketing perspective.

    Photo by David Becker/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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