• Rick Perry and the Architect of All Creation Team Up to Save America!

    You know, what with the U.S. economy crumbling into a pile of low-rated debris, terrorists taking over Facebook and nipples popping out like the very fangs of succubi on morning television, it seems that the timing could not have been better for Rick Perry's not-at-all-First-Amendment-violating prayer stadium prayer service this past weekend.

    As you may recall, Perry and The Almighty are pretty tight. In fact, God — The Omnibenevolent Creator of the Universe — has apparently been known to quietly slip messages of support directly into the brain of the Texas governor. So, that means that when this head of the executive branch of one of the most populous states in the union stands up before thousands of citizens and summons forth the the very powers of Heaven, it's not like some regular old head of the executive branch of one of the most populous states in the unions doing it. (Don't even try it, Jerry Brown. This isn't your gig.)

    My point being, we can all expect some serious changes anytime now

    Gov. Rick Perry’s heavily-publicized call for a day of prayer drew a crowd organizers estimated at more than 30,000. Outside the stadium, drivers rolling past the stadium blew their horns at demonstrators protesting the gathering.

    "I love this country deeply," Perry told the crowd. "Thank you all for being here. Indeed, the only thing that you love more is the living Christ… He is a wise, wise God," Perry said. "And he’s wise enough to not be affiliated with any political party."

    Perry occasionally touched upon political themes, but only in the context of prayer and preaching. He offered prayers for political leaders, including the president and his family, provoking a loud reaction from his audience.

    Hey, I figure that if this works half as good as Perry's statewide Pray for Rain Day a few months back, then we're golden! (It rained all the way up here in Chicago as late as yesterday, so you know that's some powerful mojo.)

    Oh and what a coincidental coincidence! Turns out that this big prayer meeting fell just about a week before Perry is likely to announce that he's running High Priest President of the United States. Weird! Is that the hand of God I see at work already?!

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