• Barack Obama Hates the Statue of Liberty

    In Barack Obama's America, no symbol of enduring liberty and democracy is too sacred to be eliminated. Not even Uncle Sam's girlfriend, the Statue of Liberty, is exempt from the whims of this Kenyan dictator. For now she shall be closed to schoolchildren and tourists for "one year," i.e., FOREVER.

    And the reasons presented for this travesty are, predictably, a pack of obvious lies

    Interior Secretary Ken Salazar says it needs a $27.25 million renovation for additional safety improvements that he promised in 2009…

    The Park Service said the project would involve updating the statue's mechanical and electrical systems, along with its fire-suppression equipment. The two open staircases will be separated from each other, and one will get walls, a plus for safety. The elevator that runs from the ground floor to the fifth floor will be replaced and will ascend and descend in a new, fire-resistant shaft.

    Updating mechanical and electrical systems? Getting new fire-suppression equipment? For the love of all that's holy, a FIRE-RESISTANT SHAFT? These changes sound suspiciously like the type of commie safety measures and worker protections advocated by evil unions, as well as by the notoriously liberal Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

    In short, Barack Obama's mission to demoralize our great nation is now nearing completion. When he at long last enacts his dream of a one-world government runs by Jews and Muslims (they're the same thing, right?), don't be surprised if you look up at the great greenish lady in New York Harbor and see a single tear run down her giant cheek.

    May Jesus have mercy on us all (except Barack Obama).

    Photo by Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty Images

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