• Obama Campaign Won't Call Mitt Romney the "W" Word

    Senior Obama adviser David Axelrod announced on MSNBC today that any Team Obama staffer who refers to Mitt Romney as "weird" will be instantly banished to some cold, dark, depressing place that isn't Chicago.

    A recent story on Politico alleged that the Obama re-election campaign's main Romney-related strategy was to paint the fellow as a weirdo wackadoodle, just because he wears skinny jeans and totally turned around his formerly pro-choice stance on abortion. Now that Axelrod has publicly promised former RNC Chairman Michael Steele that he'll axe any worker who uses the "W" word in reference to Mittens, this whole controversy should settle down.

    In fact, Indecision's crack investigative team has uncovered a top-secret Team Obama memo that lays out even more rules of polite conduct for the president's re-election staffers. We present nine more words Team O may no longer use to describe the gravelly-voiced Mormon with the matinee idol hair

    1. Wacky
    2. Far-out
    3. Loosey goosey
    4. Trippy
    5. Freaky deaky
    6. Spacey
    7. Eerie
    8. Odd
    9. Lady Gaga

    Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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