• Tim Pawlenty, We Hardly Knew Ye

    Aww, T-Paw! We miss ye already. The former Minnesota governor broke America's heart this weekend when he left the race for the 2012 RNC nomination, and we at Indecision are only beginning to cope with the sense of loss and abandonment.

    Here we happily look back at a few of our favorite moments from the now-defunct campaign of the man who would be president…

    1. We oohed and aahed over Tim Pawlenty's extraordinary show of pre-Iowa Twitter might. On the day he promised to "defeat" Washington and tried to start a Twitter fight (Twight?) with Barack Obama, we wrote, "This is what happens when a sweet, mild-mannered former governor from Minnesota faces the fact that the batshit insane, gay-hatin', migraine-havin', word salad-spewin' representative from District 6 is more popular than he is. Pawlenty correctly ascertained that it was time to show who the manliest presidential candidate from Minnesota really is."

    2.We reflected on the wisdom of a presidential candidate comparing himself to a legendary hockey game that took place in 1980. Maybe he was taking a page from the legendary Sarah Palin Big Book of Hockey References? Here is an awesome quote: "You face an opponent experts say can’t be beat. You fight, you bleed, you prevail." Ew. But also, yay!


    There are so many more great moments in T-Paw history, but we can't just devote the entire site to mourning his absence, can we? I mean, it'd be totally irrational to eliminate all our advertising and posts for the day and replace the regular site with a static image of T. Paw's head Photoshopped into the sky with a halo above it and a crying eagle nearby, right? At least that's what a certain boss-lady said when one of us tried to pitch this idea to her while we were sobbing at her desk this morning. But whatever, no big deal.

    You can just dip your thirsty tongue into our well of T-Paw-related posts and, y'know, slurp up the goodness one last time.

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