• Brave Soldier Goes AWOL Rather Than Serve Under Muslim Kenyan Socialist "President"

    I think that one day, when we're listing the greatest of great American heroes, the name Daryn J. Moran will be placed up there alongside such icons as Wyatt Earp, Davey Crockett and that one guy who stabbed that Muslim cabdriver a year or so ago.

    Oh, are you not familiar with Daryn J. Moran? Well, be prepared to have your patriotism gland thoroughly milked

    A mid-echelon Air Force enlistee is staging a sick-in from his job as an ophthalmology technician on a medical base in Germany…"My stated goal," he tweeted Saturday, "is to have B. Obama held responsible for his forged birth certificate and not be in the Oval Office for the next election." He later added, "Now it's plain and simple. Arrest B. Obama or arrest me. I'm waiting in my house."…

    He's the first active-duty, overseas-serving veteran to refuse to serve; and rather than pursuing legal means, he's taking his angry case to the airwaves and internet. A self-professed conservative Christian, he has called in to a birther web show, sent multiple emails to the site obamareleaseyourrecords.blogspot.com, vented on a Twitter account, and ultimately been profiled by his hometown newspaper, the Omaha (Neb.) World-Herald. (In that article, Moran's father — also an Air Force vet — defends the birther ideal. "Quite frankly, my son is right," he says.)

    You've really got to respect a soldier who's so willing to hold fast to the things he believes in like this, especially when the things he believes in have been demonstrably proven multiple times to be false. It is a cowardly man indeed who stands down in the face of little things like facts.

    And let me just set the record straight, this courageous stand has absolutely, zero percent, less-than-the-absence-of-nothing to do with any slight miniscule amount of racism on Moran's part. In fact, he's gone to the trouble of pointing out that "there's no such thing as racism as far as I'm concerned." So, it can't be that, can it?


    "And, it‘s not because he’s Black. Though they might want to look some more into his heritage and why his dad wasn't around to raise him properly."

    You see? It's not racially-motivated at all! It's heritageally-motivated.

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