• Mitt Romney Aligns Himself with Tea Party Just in Time for Everyone to Hate Them

    Hey, remember back when all of America was having a love affair with the Tea Party because they so were… I don't know, loud?

    Anyway, those days seem to be all but a memory now

    Polls show that disapproval of the Tea Party is climbing. In April 2010, a New York Times/CBS News survey found that 18 percent of Americans had an unfavorable opinion of it, 21 percent had a favorable opinion and 46 percent had not heard enough. Now, 14 months later, Tea Party supporters have slipped to 20 percent, while their opponents have more than doubled, to 40 percent.

    Of course, politicians of all stripes are not faring well among the public these days. But in data we have recently collected, the Tea Party ranks lower than any of the 23 other groups we asked about — lower than both Republicans and Democrats. It is even less popular than much maligned groups like "atheists" and "Muslims." Interestingly, one group that approaches it in unpopularity is the Christian Right.*

    Oh my Science, less popular than atheists? That's pretty frickin' unpopular. I mean, everybody knows that atheists worship the Devil. So, this is looking pretty bad for the Tea Party movement.

    Guess it's time for Mitt Romney — the closest thing the GOP has to a moderate non-ideologue centrist — to make a statement about them

    Romney met with a group of about 25 steelworkers at a campaign stop in the northern New Hampshire town of Berlin… The workers peppered Romney, a former Massachusetts governor, with questions… [including] whether he considered himself a member of the Tea Party…

    "I don't know that you sign a membership," he said. "What I consider myself is someone who is in sync with the Tea Party."

    Whoops. I think somebody might need to run a force quit and reboot.


    * I'm not really sure how "interesting" this actually is, considering how "Tea Party" is pretty much a euphemism for "Christian Right."

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