• Obama Bus Tour Totally Rocks Midwest

    Dude, man, there's like, nothin' better than following your favorite superstar jam band around on a late-summer tour, am I right? And while stalking Dark Star or the String Cheese Incident is fun, lately I'm thinkin' we need to pack this VW bus up and get our asses on the road behind the coolest pack of hippies in the world, Team Obama!

    I heard they just put on a killer show in Peosta, Iowa

    President Obama pulled up to a bucolic community college here in his $1.1 million black armored bus on Tuesday and spent much of the day closeted in a conference with farmers and small-business owners, hoping to sell them on his message that he could revive the listless job market…

    Mr. Obama defended his economic record and fired back at Republicans in Congress. He said they had stymied his efforts to revive the economy by refusing to put "country ahead of party."

    Now, usually I can't stand the idea of putting anything before "party," but in this case I might be able to get on board with our Lead-Singer-in-Chief. But we can talk more about it on the way out there.

    I heard Team Obama's hittin' Illinois, too. You know that's gonna be mad crazy, maaan! Let's smoke this before we get in the car. Then let's hop in, fire up some jams (my favorite being Barack's totally trippy inaugural speech from that crazy early 2009 show in Grant Park in Chicago, you remember?) and get on our way to see this dude rock the Midwest.

    And hey, you know Team Perry is on tour out there, too? I hope we don't run into any of his freaky-ass fundamentalist fans. Those people really harsh my mellow, dude.

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