• Christine O'Donnell Will Not Just Sit Here and Answer Questions About Her Stated Opinions

    How rude! These British people, I'm telling you!

    Look! Former senatorial candidate and Tea Party heroine Christine O'Donnell was nice enough to put off attending a Republican Women's function or something so that CNN's Piers Morgan could shoot her a few questions about her new book Trouble Maker, and he has to go and ask her a bunch of questions about stuff that's inside the book.

    No! No, Piers Morgan! That's not how you conduct an interview! You can ask questions about the photograph on the cover. When was it taken and was she smiling about how much she loves America, for example. You can ask about the paper weight. The font. The kerning. But you cannot ask questions about things she wrote in the book concerning gay marriage! That kind of low-blow journalism might play over there in Merry Old England, but not here in Teamerica!

    Just look at this travesty of journalism…

    Shameful! Utterly shameful!

    What is it about putting out a book full of the things that you think that makes people want to talk about the things that you think? It just doesn't make any sense.

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