• Joe Lieberman and Sabbath Day Sex

    Sen. Joe Lieberman has been out there lately promoting his new book The Gift of Rest: Rediscovering the Beauty of the Sabbath, and at least one part of it really caught the attention of the Washington Post's Sally Quinn. And, of course, she just had to bring it up in an interview because… I don't know why because. Because she's a mean person? Because the weight of existence is an absurd joke on a unwillingly conscious species? Both?

    At any rate, here's a clip of Joe Lieberman talking about sex for you to thrust deep into your memory hole

    "The rabbis have been pretty clear in interpreting that 'you ought to be doing this more often, but if you’re not for some reason the other six days of the week, be with your spouse on the Sabbath.' "

    This brings up so many theological questions. Not the least of which is: What kind of a omnibenevolent God would command a person to have sex with Joe Lieberman? One a week, no less?!

    Oh my God! The Sabbath is coming up tomorrow night. That means he'll be doing it again. His poor wife. His poor poor wife.

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