• Rick Perry Thinks Global Warming Is a Mean Lie

    Governor Rick Perry of Texas is a modern man with modern thoughts and feelings. Therefore he is exactly the kind of man you'd want leading your country. Particularly when your country is one of the world's biggest contributors to global warming, a thing in which Rick Perry does not believe.

    At a Q&A in New Hampshire, Republican Jim Rubens, a clean energy investor, stood up to challenge Perry's opinion. He contrasted Perry's anti-global warming quotes with scientific "facts." And like all great political leaders, Perry held fast to his views regardless of a volume of evidence to the contrary

    Texas Gov. Rick Perry on Wednesday reaffirmed his view that global warming is an unproven scientific theory that has been advanced, at least in part, by scientists who have "manipulated data," and he argued that programs intended to limit climate change are costing the nation "billions if not trillions" of dollars that he believes could be better spent elsewhere.

    We hope that Jim Rubens is put into a holding pen with all the other evil RINOs who seek to force their "rational thought" and "scientific reasoning" and "sensible ideas" down the RNC's throat.

    Doesn't Rubens know the Republicans put away those childish things when they ran George W. Bush as the nominee in 2000?

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