• Mean Elizabeth Warren Wants to Break Scott Brown's Heart

    Consumer advocate Elizabeth Warren is trying to ruin everything by founding an exploratory committee for a mission to unseat America's Naked Boyfriend, Senator Scott Brown. Heartbreak alert!

    What the hell is this Harvard Law School professor thinking? Doesn't she know that nerdy smart ladies aren't supposed to get in the way of sexy nude boys' political dreams? Somebody needs to take this high-falutin' filly down a peg, and Brian Walsh, National Republican Senatorial Committee spokesman, is just the man to do it. Here's his statement on Warren's jerky move:

    As a native of Oklahoma, the anointed candidate of the Washington establishment, and someone who has spent many years ensconced in the hallways of Harvard, it's a good idea for Professor Warren to learn more about her adopted state of Massachusetts as she prepares to compete in a crowded Democrat primary.

    Oooooh, BURN! Way to point out that she was born in Oklahoma, works in Washington, D.C., and… has lived in Massachusetts for… many years? Hmm.

    On second thought, Bri-Bri, I'm not sure how much you'll scare people by reminding them that their potential new senator is also a longtime resident of their state.

    Also: Scott Brown was born in Maine, and unless it's still 1819, that's not Massachusetts.

    Just sayin'.

    Photo by Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call Group/Getty Images

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