• Will George Pataki Fill the GOP's Boring Void?

    by Ilya Gerner

    With the tragic departure of Tim Pawlenty from the GOP primary field, a nation’s bleary eyes must turn toward some other candidate who's capable of doubling as a natural sleep aid. Ladies and gentlemen, please try to contain yourselves: former governor George Pataki thinks he might be the man for the job

    He's pro-choice, pro-union and pro-gay marriage, so former Gov. George Pataki's plan to possibly join the red-meat pack vying for the GOP presidential nod drew puzzled looks Sunday. Those close to the three-term former governor said he was expected to enter the race for President, though no date has been set.

    Yet those who served in Albany during Pataki's tenure said the 66-year-old potential candidate was out of step with the anti-government, anti-spending, socially conservative GOP of 2011.

    Yeah, a Pataki candidacy makes perfect sense (to George Pataki). If the most moderate candidate in the Republican field is dismissed as insufficiently doctrinaire because he believes in this crazy thing called "science," then a pro-choice, climate-change-accepting, former governor of New York will fire up the Republican base about as well as a pack of wet matches.

    Still, perhaps there is hope for the Pataki camp. He might have the charm of Tim Pawlenty and the policy credentials of Jon Huntsman, but he comes equipped with the most important attribute of all: an appreciation for tri-cornered hats, snorting horses and freedom. As you'll recall, this is the man behind Revere America, the organization dedicated to honoring Paul Revere's midnight ride against health care reform.

    And if there's one thing we know about former GOP governors, it's that Paul Revere is always the right answer.

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