• Could Science Tear the Republican Party in Two?

    With all signs at the moment showing that Republicans may very well just take back the White House and the Senate while holding onto the House and possibly even taking control of the DNC and winning the rights to Harry Reid's prize Mustang next year, is it at all possible that conservatives could find their movement torn asunder, not by a centuries-old political rival, but by their millenia-old arch nemesis, Science!

    The collision between Jon Huntsman and Rick Perry over climate change and the evolution of human life threatens to widen the central rift in the Republican electoral coalition even as it helps each man sharpen his image in the party's crowded 2012 presidential field.

    Lo these many years, the dastardly Science — and its nefarious twin brother Reason — have dogged conservatives noble struggle to stop all advancement of learning and understanding and make everything go back to the way it was when they were little kids.

    Every step of the way, as Science tightened its death-like grip on civilization — from the reason it rains to the shape and position of the Earth — conservativism has fought heroically to beat back the tide of understanding seek refuge in the gentle comforting arms of mythology.

    But will this battle come to its ultimate head here on the pitch of the 2012 GOP presidential primaries as Jon Huntsman do battle over climate and evolutionary science? Could this be the end of the Republican Party as we know it?

    The confrontation represents more of a gamble for Huntsman, the former Utah governor lagging in the polls, than it does for Texas Gov. Perry, who immediately catapulted into the race's top tier after entering it in mid-August. Although an overwhelming majority of scientists agree that carbon pollution is contributing to global climate change, and virtually all accept that an evolutionary process of natural selection explains the emergence of human life, polls show that most Republican voters second Perry's rejection of both beliefs…

    On the specifics of the argument, polls leave no doubt that most Republican voters side with Perry.

    Oh, so, I guess the answer is no.

    Carry on, then.

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