• DC Earthquake's True Devastation Revealed! [PHOTOS]

    The shamestream media would have you believe that the National Cathedral and the Washington Monument were the only victims of The Great Earthquake of Aught-Eleven, but you know there's more to the story than meets the eye. There always is! And this time, we have visual proof.

    Mitt Romney was left unguarded on the campaign trail when the freak temblor struck. Mitt Romney can never be shaken.

    Oh, there's more…

    Rick Perry is exactly like Samson, in that his understanding of science is limited to whatever's in the Bible. Also, his hair is the source of all his power. If Rick Perry is not sworn in as president in January 2013, we will know why.

    As the top buttons popped off his shirt, Marcus Bachmann found himself whispering a little prayer. "Please, don't let her notice. Don't let her notice. She makes those crazy eyes whenever she's mad."


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