• Media Reluctantly Agrees to Give Some Coverage to Ron Paul's Top Tier Presidential Campaign

    Hey, look at this, will ya? There's this guy named Pauly Ron or something, and he's running for President. Of America, I think. Did you guys know this?

    This must have just happened, because the U.S. media is only just now getting on this crazy story. And it's not like them to completely ignore a top-polling Presidential candidate with rabidly-loyal supporters, all while concurrently fiendishly slavering over a non-candidate's non-campaign self-publicity-seeking bus tour.

    Can't wait to see what this mysterious new-comer candidate is all about

    The Texas congressman and his legions of vocal supporters turned what they deemed insufficient coverage of his close-second finish at Ames straw poll into a story with legs — and now a whole new set of stories. With a new Gallup poll out this week showing him in third place in the nomination race, Paul is scheduled to appear on "Fox News Sunday" this weekend, and a four-page Time magazine feature on his campaign's momentum will hit newsstands tomorrow.

    Paul's complaints contributed to Time’s decision to do its first major piece on him this campaign season, said its author, Alex Altman, who blogged about the upcoming piece…

    "Media outlets heard from their readership voicing their displeasure about Ron’s exclusion from their post-Ames coverage," said top Paul political advisor Jesse Benton. "I think the point has been taken, and they've giving Ron some level of the coverage that he deserves."

    Well said. I'm just glad that people are finally giving Ron Paul something approaching the amount of respect that is owed to a politician of his–

    What's that? Michele Bachmann said a thing?!

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