• Sarah Palin to Maybe Appear at Someplace or Other Maybe (Assuming Certain Assumptions)

    Is Sarah Palin running for President or isn't she? Is her national non-campaign-related bus tour on or off or back on again (for, like, a long weekend)? If there's only one thing we know for certain about Sarah Palin, it's that we don't know anything for certain about Sarah Palin.

    In fact, we can only speculate on whether or not she's going to show up at her own scheduled Tea Party appearances

    Sarah Palin's Saturday appearance at a tea party rally in Indianola, Iowa, is on hold, a person close the former Alaska governor told The Wall Street Journal.

    The person said Ms. Palin’s appearance was "no longer confirmed" and cited "continual lying" from event organizers at Tea Party of America, including a recent mixup over whether former U.S. Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell of Delaware would also speak…

    Ms. Palin may still hold an event Saturday, the person said, though she has no firm plans. It's also possible she could still attend the Indianola tea party rally, the person said.

    So, you know, maybe she's gonna go, and maybe she won't. It really could go either way. I mean, there's just so many factors to take into consideration. Like, she might not feel like going. or maybe she will. And, of course, it's always possible that the mood just won't strike her. Or there might be something about her on television, and then what's she's supposed to do? Not watch it?

    Besides, it turns out that the Tea Party event organizers had invited and then un-invited and then after that un-un-invited Christine O'Donnell to speak on the same stage. So, you know…

    The former governor’s team decided to back out Tuesday night after rally organizers re-invited Ms. O’Donnell to speak on stage. Organizers had booked Ms. O’Donnell, who lost her 2010 bid for a U.S. Senate seat from Delaware, to speak but quickly withdrew the invitation in an effort to avoid controversy.

    A Tea Party of America leader told Ms. Palin’s aides that the former governor told him to re-invite Ms. O’Donnell, which is not true, the person said, adding that there were also issues over fund-raising and logistical changes that were not approved by Ms. Palin’s team.

    You can see how sharing a stage with Christine O'Donnell would complicate matters. I mean, on the one hand, she's an American hero. And, on the other, she's a total loser. And who can say which one she'll be on September 3rd?

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