• Jon Huntsman's Pals Are Awesomer Than Yours

    Conventional wisdom dictates that it's easier to find a new job while you've still got your old one. While most of us just pore over What Color Is My Parachute? in between rounds of sobbing, Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman got a little help from his BFFs.

    Months before he officially resigned his post as U.S. Ambassador to China, his buddies were all aflutter raising money for this particular handsome, wealthy, highly fecund Mormon's campaign coffers…

    The Horizon Political Action Committee, based in Utah, took in more than $2 million from January through July and spent all but $20,000 on research, raising money and consultants, many of whom went on to work for Huntsman’s White House campaign…Huntsman was forbidden from planning a political run while serving in the Obama administration but it appears those gearing up for his presidential bid wanted to get a head start before their candidate even came back to the states

    We can only assume that Huntsman had no idea whatsoever that his cronies were up to all this fundraising — after all, his spokesman, Tim Miller, assured the press that Horizon PAC has sent "absolutely no gifts, assistance, or contributions" to the Huntsman campaign. Then again, Miller received $35,000 from the PAC, but in the magical mathematics governing campaign finance, that somehow doesn't count.

    So, enjoy your horrified back-of-the-envelope budget calculations and daily diet of ramen, Everyone Else in America! Maybe you'd have better luck with that job search if only you'd thought to make way more awesome rich friends earlier in life. (Also, if your dad had founded a hugely successful international corporation, you probably wouldn't have to use your own toenails as kindling. Just saying, maybe you ought to have a word with Pops about that.)

    Photo by Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call Group/Getty Images

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