• Michele Bachmann Is Like Margaret Thatcher, And Other Lies

    Since an overwhelming fear of science prevents the Republicans from developing technology that would reanimate Ronald Reagan's corpse, GOP presidential hopefuls are sometimes forced to associate themselves with other conservative icons. For Michele Bachmann, no one less than Britain's Iron Lady will do

    Bachmann pointed repeatedly in the address to Great Britain, which she said was as an example of a country that was restored to its role of world leader after electing former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who pursued an aggressive foreign policy, including the Falklands War (which she inaccurately said happened in 1992, rather than 1982).

    "We find ourselves today in search of another Margaret Thatcher to restore our great country to the thriving nation I believe we can be again," Bachmann said. "The good news is we can take our country back because the principles that make our country great lie here in this hall today."

    Of course, by the time Maggie Thatcher was Bachmann's age, she had already served 21 years in the House of Commons, been appointed to the Cabinet as Secretary of State for Education and Science, was elected Leader of the Conservative Party and was widely respected for her sharp wit and command of facts. Michele Bachmann was elected to Congress in 2006, has declared war on lightbulbs, blamed Hurricane Irene on God, and proclaimed The Lion King to be gay propaganda, so yes, there are some minute differences in the resumes if you're going to be nitpicky about it.

    To be fair, Bachmann never explicitly compared herself to Thatcher in her prime. Perhaps a comparison to the elderly Thatcher battling dementia is more apt? During the same address in which she transported the Falklands War into another decade, Bachmann claimed that socialist Obamacare would undermine the even-more-socialist care provided to military families by TRICARE and the Veterans Administration, which should not be intended as a factual statement, according to the factmongers at the Congressional Budget Office.

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