• Sarah Palin Should Not Run in 2012, Say Sarah Palin Fans

    There's a host of fascinating contradictions packed into the latest Fox News GOP primary poll. Let's unpack them, shall we?

    Rick Perry, ivory-tickler, holds a commanding lead among the Republican contenders–26 percent to runner-up Mitt Romney's 18 percent. This despite (or because of?) the fact that 14 percent consider Perry "too extreme to be seriously considered," compared to four percent who say the same about ol' no-blinky eyes. To recap: Rick Perry is too extreme to be seriously considered as a candidate. Perry '12!

    It gets weirder. A whopping 74 percent of voters–that's 74, in American numbers–want Sarah Palin to stay out of the race. Even majorities of white evangelical Christians and Tea Partiers, the people who are almost singlehandedly responsible for the fact that we are still talking about Sarah Palin in 2011, say she shouldn't run. Which is why they were so anxious to have her appear at this totally not-political un-rally in Iowa tomorrow?

    By this logic, the easiest way for Sarah Palin to build support for a 2012 run is if she can convince more people that she's too extreme to be seriously considered.

    Somehow, I have a feeling she's working on that.

    Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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