• Sarah Palin's Iowa Tea Party Speech, By the Numbers

    References to meats: 2

    References to vegetables: 1

    Number of times Palin said she wants a divorce: 1 (From the federal government! Get back on the snow machine, Todd, you're okay for now.)

    References to farm implements: 1

    Number of things Palin said that Michele Bachmann might consider agreeing with: 1 (A proposal to end all corporate income taxes; notably, Sarah Palin would not have agreed with Sarah Palin on this just a few years ago, because that Sarah Palin was busy slamming oil companies with billions upon billions of dollars in taxes.)

    Number of Latin phrases Palin has learned: 1 ("Status quo I think is Latin for 'more of the same mess that we're in.")

    Number of declarative sentences that sounded like a lyric Bob Dylan was too embarrassed to finish: 1 ("My plan is a bona-fide pro-workin' man's plan.")

    Number of Latin phrases Palin has learned, revised: 2

    "Hopey-changey": 3

    "Cronyism" or "crony capitalism," which is how Palin defines the stimulus plan and post-econopocalypse bailouts: 8

    Number of times Palin defined "crony capitalism" as the purposeful weakening of Wall Street regulations by politicians: 0

    Number of times Palin insisted we "rein in burdensome regulations that are a boot on our neck": 1

    References to Ronald Reagan: 1

    Actual declarations of candidacy for 2012: 0

    Implied declarations of candidacy for 2012: Let's just say there were 4,867 words in the speech.

    Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images News/Getty Images


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