• Mitt Romney Beeps at Sad Tea Party Crowd

    Attempting to overcome his dark past of mostly-competent stewardship of a liberal state, including a shameful record of trying to provide Massachusetts residents with health insurance, yesterday Mitt Romney directed his speech synthesizers at an audience of 200 Tea Party activists and one disgruntled dolphin in Concord, New Hampshire.

    His plea to the anti-government faithful? He wasn't governor of Taxachussetts for that long, you guys…

    [Romney] stuck to the same message he has delivered across this state over the past few weeks, at house parties and town hall meetings, highlighting his record in the private sector and playing down his former role as the governor of Massachusetts, hoping to capture the anti-establishment fervor of the tea party movement.

    "I haven't spent my whole life in politics. As a matter of fact, of the people running for office, I don't know that there are many who have less years in politics than me," he said. "I spent four years as a governor; I joke that I didn't inhale. I'm still a citizen, I'm still a business person."

    Get it? He didn't inhale the fetid gubernatorial air. Presumably because power-hungry robots don't need to breathe, only recharge.

    Still, not everyone was satisfied with the new Tea Party Express-compliant patch in Romney's software…

    At a rally of about 25 people held before the Tea Party Express rally, FreedomWorks activists and others faulted Romney for his health care overhaul in Massachusetts that included an individual mandate, for raising fees in Massachusetts, and for other positions.

    "We do not need leadership that puts their finger up, sees which way the wind’s blowing, and then all of a sudden changes their mind and goes back in that direction," said Tim Carter, a leader of the Lakes Region Tea Party. "If you look at Mitt’s past voting record, I think that’s what you’re going to see."

    That's right: politicians' fingers should never be in the air, but always firmly planted in their ears, lest they hear stories of Americans dying from toothaches for want of affordable medicine and decide to implement health care reform, or something.

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