• Sarah Palin Blesses New Hampshire with Her Presence

    The Most High and Anointed Saint of the Clan of the Grizzly Bear, Alaska's own Sarah Palin, was up in New Hampshire being friggin' adorable today as per usual. In a state where ~70 percent of the GDP is generated by state troopers issuing speeding tickets to Massholes, plenty of folks are ready and willing to jump on Her Lady of You Betcha's inspirational bandwagon

    "It's time now to grow the tea party movement," she told the crowd of approximately 500 people in Manchester's Veteran's Memorial Park. "The tea party movement is bigger than any one person," she added. "It's bigger than any single candidate."

    Of course, there are always a few pinko RINOs who don't know when to hit the kneeler

    "She has a good spot where she is," said Fran Boberg, but didn't join the chants urging Palin to run. "She has the ability to gather folks."

    "Where she is, she's free to say what she says," said Kristen Priore of Salem, who also said she admired Palin but didn't want her to run.

    This kind of faithlessness is exactly what's wrong with America. Instead of spending the morning waiting in line for pancakes with Mitt Romney, New Hampshire Republicans should have been scattering rose petals and praying over the sacred ground Palin would soon tread, because if they can get that lady elected president we'll finally have proof that miracles do happen.

    Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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