• America Likes Barack Obama… It'd Just Like Him to Be Doing Some Other Job

    I have to say. Back on Inauguration Day in '09, I was filled with a sense of guarded optimism, a "Hope," if you will, that each sun rise of an Obama presidency would bring with it a tearing down of a new barrier. That each new morning's headlines would excede the previous night's expectations.

    And, I was not disappointed. President Obama continues to build bridges to new acres of unimagined disappointment every single day

    Capturing a rapid erosion of confidence through the summer months, the poll found 72 percent of voters believe the country is either strongly or somewhat headed in the wrong direction, a jump of 12 percentage points since May. Only 20 percent of voters say the country is going in the right direction, a 12-point drop in the same period…

    More Americans disapprove of the way Obama is handling his job, 50 percent, than approve, 45 percent — a drop of seven percentage points since May. Obama receives particularly low marks for his economic stewardship, with only 39 percent saying they approve and 59 percent saying they disapprove…

    Okay, look. I totally get the 45 percent of people who approve of the way Obama is "handling his job." I think these people are crazy, but I get it. What I don't get, however, is the 20 percent  who "say the country is going in the right direction."

    Really?! One out of five people in America think that the direction the country needs to be moving in is down? Do we have a previously un-censused population of mole people, Morlocks and C.H.U.D.S.?

    Putting aside how they feel about his job performance, 74 percent of voters said they either strongly or somewhat approve of Obama as a person, his highest rating in the past year.

    Yeah, sure. He seems like a nice guy. (Well, except for that whole Guantanamo Bay/civil rights violations thing.)

    Do you know who else is a really nice guy? My cousin Pete. He's the one who collects ladies footwear in his garage. Not because he likes to wear them or anything. (That would be weird.) He just likes to smell them. He will spend all afternoon showing you around his collection, and then he'll make you some of the most delicious chili you've ever tasted.

    You know what though? Not so interested in entrusting our nation's economy to Pete. I mean, if you saw this guy's AmEx bill… Jesus!

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