• LiveBlog: Barack Obama's Amazing Stupendous Economiraculous Jobifying Speechtacular!

    8:00 – Looks like John Boehner has already responded to the President's speech

    "The proposals the President outlined tonight merit consideration. We hope he gives serious consideration to our ideas as well.  It’s my hope that we can work together to end the uncertainty facing families and small businesses, and create a better environment for long-term economic growth and private-sector job creation."

    7:53 – Everybody keeps referencing Harry Truman's "Give 'em hell, Harry" moment. This, to me, seem more like a "Give 'em heck" speech.

    What does everybody else think?

    7:48 - Obama's really giving these speeches. Much better than he is at getting any of the stuff in them done. He should just give a real long 14 month speech, and he'll be a shoo in for reelection.

    7:45 - @TheInDecider: "Every proposal I've laid out tonight will be rejected by the GOP without consequence. #ObamaJobs #tweetthepress"

    7:42 – That speech was pretty good, I guess. Would've preferred if there were a few vampires in it.

    7:38 – @StevenAmiri: "I was half listening. Did Obama just say his grandfather was in G.I.Joe?"

    7:35 – "We shouldn't be in a race to the bottom." See? Obama doesn't want America to win anything!

    7:34 – "I reject the idea that we have to make people choose between their jobs and their safety." Totally! Can't we choose to have neither?

    7:30 – I zoned out there for a minute. Did he mention whether the Popeye's Chicken down the street from my house is hiring or not?

    7:29 - I don't mean this as an insult so much, but John Boehner really looks like he smells like old teeth, doesn't he?

    7:27 – I think I might start this exercise program that everyone there seems to be using: Sit, stand, clap, sit, roll eyes, clap…

    7:23 – I'm really enjoying this magical fantasy story that Obama is telling. I hope there's a talking frog in it by the end.

    7:21 – Barack Obama wants to slip $1,500 into my pocket? What do I have to do for it? I mean, I'm fine with whatever he asks. I just wanna know. (I don't really need to know. I'll do it.)

    7:17 – I think a lot of these Democrats think they're playing the clapping game. "I clapped more times than you. I win!"

    7:16 – He said "America." Everybody claps!

    7:15 – Weird. Mitch McConnell isn't clapping at anything Obama has to say. You don't think he's been paralyzed, do you? Oh no!

    7:12 – You know, why should we be listening to how Barack Obama suggests we create jobs? Look at what a crappy job he's doing of keeping his own job.

    7:11 – Do your best to try not to notice all the times Joe Biden blinks. Oh, shit. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that. (He just blinked again.)

    7:10 – Nice start to the speech. English is a very popular language with a majority of the people in that room.

    7:09 – What do you think will be the most interesting thing yelled out from the Republican side of the hall? My money's on, "He's a werewolf!"

    7:07 – Look out, President Obama! Eric Cantor is right behind you!!!

    7:05 – Wait, never mind. Here he is. I guess Boehner signed off on it.

    7:04 – Where's Obama? Wasn't he supposed to be here by now? Do you think maybe John Boehner told him he wasn't allowed to come.

    7:02 – By the way, you can watch a live stream of tonight's speech at WhiteHouse.gov.

    7:00 – Jobs! Jobs!!! We're all getting jobs tonight! JOOOOOOOOBBBBBBSSSSSSS!!!!

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