• LiveBlog: The Tea Party Debate

    9:55 – Well, that certainly happened. but now it's behind us and most of us made it out alive. What were your thoughts?

    9:54 – Nice job picking up on our interior redecoration questions from earlier today, CNN.

    9:53 – You can't seduce us with your Harley-Davidson references either, Jon Huntsman.

    9:52 – Michele Bachmann's not bringing any clothes?

    9:50 – Jeeze, Ron Paul. You can't even allow a moment of non-libertarian levity?

    9:49 – Think about this: Sometime between now and this time tomorrow night, Newt Gingrich will be naked.

    9:45 – This debate is essentially the length of four Entourage farewell episodes. But it's only as painful as three Entourage farewell episodes.

    9:43 – Boo, Ron Paul! You spoke above an eight-grade reading level!

    9:42 – Rick Santorum really does talk like a seven-year-old child.

    9:40 – Ugh, why is this debate still happening?

    9:39 – So, Herman Cain would put people who have the most to gain by shutting down the EPA in charge of the EPA? Okay. That makes about as much sense as anything else he's said.

    9:35 – I don't know who's winning this debate, but Rick Perry is almost certainly losing it.

    9:34 – Did Jon Huntsman just accuse Rick Perry of treason?

    9:33 – Rick Perry paraphrased: "The Dream Act was bad because it was the Dream Act."

    9:31 – Rick Perry gave money to illegals?! For education of all things?! The crowd does not seem to like that.

    9:29 – Yeah, I'm with Rick Perry. Let's put an army along the border to protect our nation's dishwasher jobs.

    9:28 – Hey, Rick Santorum. Stop telling people that you're Italian! It's bad enough we've got Jersey Shore to contend with.

    9:25 – So, um, where did Michele Bachmann go at the beginning of the debate? I'll bet she was going to have a quick migraine.

    9:22 - @SamSeder: "if you take the two biggest cheers from the last two GOP debates- govt execution is the perfect health care plan."

    9:19 – "Are you saying we should just let him die." People in audience: "Yeah!" This is your country, people.

    9:17 – Mitt Romney paraphrased: "ObamaCare starts with 'Obama.' RomneyCare starts with 'Romney.' Totally different."

    9:16 – Rick Perry paraphrased: "Interesting question. Now let's talk about this other thing."

    9:14 – @pourmecoffee: "Perry: I can't be boughg for $5,000. That will get you in Friends level. If you want to be in 'Rick's Posse,' that's more."

    9:12 – Rick Santorum is offended that people in texas have sex. Quite frankly, I'm a little offended by that, too.

    9:10 - Rick Perry: "At the end of the day, I am always going to side on the side of life." I can think of at least 234 exceptions to that.

    9:06 – Texas under Perry has given huge tax breaks to energy companies.

    9:02 – That's it? Only Jon Huntsman gets the question?

    9:01 – "Out of every dollar that I make, how much do I deserve to keep?" Excellent question. Can't wait to see what question all these candidates decide to answer.

    8:59 – @JohnFugelsang "Mitt Romney could execute a perfect breakdance routine & this crowd still wouldn't vote for him."

    8:58 - Alright, we get it, Michele Bachmann. You vote against everything money-related.

    8:51 – You can tell that Rick Perry is gonna be the next president by the way that everybody is beating up on him. You can tell that Rick Santorum is Rick Santorum by the way that when was the last time we heard his voice?

    8:48 – @benpolitico: "Perry impressively restrained in face of everyone baiting him in hopes he'll cross stage and slug them."

    8:46 – Ron Paul on Rick Perry: "I don't want to offend the Governor, because he might raise my taxes or something."

    8:43 – Romney's not giving up on his "smartphone" metaphor. It must have tested well with the focus groups.

    8:42 – Mitt Romney on Texas: "Terrific state." Way to go out on a limb, Mitt.

    8:38 – Rick Perry: "Half of zero jobs is zero jobs." Does he know that math is a form of science?

    8:32 – Does Ron Paul for serious think that we'd ever elect a person who wears a plaid tie?

    8:31 – Not repeal, reform. Get used to that phrase.

    8:30 – Rick Perry is prett brilliant at answering questions that he's not asked.

    8:27 – Did Newt Gingrich just sound… reasonable?

    8:25 – Shut up, Rick Santorum. Make fun of Rick Perry or give up the microphone.

    8:23 – The WSJ actually thought Herman Cain might be on to something with his private accounts plan for Social Security. That and a nickel will buy you a penny candy.

    8:21 – Jon Huntsman, your Kurt Cobain references are not welcome here. Got anything in a Perry Como?

    8:19 – Oh my! It's a book-quotin' battle!

    8:18 – That's about the 70th time the phrase "Ponzi scheme" has been used.

    8:15 – Oh, right. We need to "save" these programs. In the way that a veterinarian "saves" a dog who had his back broken by a speeding car.

    8:12 – Social Security and Medicare question right off the bat. Can't wait to see how reality is bent for this one.

    8:11 – Looks like Romney went a little crazy with the Grecian Formula this morning.

    8:09 – In case you're wondering, that lady singing was Diana Nagy, a "recording artist." You know, like Herman Cain.

    8:07 – Can you feel that? That's the feeling of 300,000 simultaneous multiple teagasms.

    8:05 – What? The candidates are walking onto the stage? I thought for sure that CNN was gonna CGI morph them onstage or something. Let down!

    8:04 – "Memeber of the Tea Party will play an active role in this debate." Oh, there's gonna be a torch mob?

    8:03 – Oh, CNN. You had me at "Newt Gingrich: The Big Thinker."… You had me at "Newt Gingrich: The Big Thinker."

    8:00 – Okay, so, I realize that there's been about 35 debates in the past three weeks, but all those other ones were just regular old "establishment" Republican debates. This one, though — this one is a Tea Party debate. That means there's gonna be questions like, "What's your take on all these socialist stop signs?!" and "Do you believe that President Obama is a descendant of the Biblical Adam or were his ancestors borne of the Devil's armpit?"

    So, obviously, it's gonna be the only serious debate of the season.

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