• Michele Bachmann Calls Sheriff Joe Arpaio a Hero

    When Michele Bachmann loves something, she really, really loves something. Even the most devout fan at Comic Con can't match her geekery when it comes to her own favorite things: fostering kids, hating Barack Obama, and trying her darndest to make gay people feel like sick, worthless human beings.

    Her dogged devotion extends even to impoverished illegal immigrants who risk their lives to come to the US and make $4 an hour raising the rich kids of Republican political candidates. So when Michele Bachmann says she digs Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, you know she has a statue of him somewhere in her linen closet…

    Michele Bachmann said she considers Sheriff Joe Arpaio "one of my heroes"in a brief news conference the Republican presidential candidate held before meeting with the 79-year-old sheriff on Wednesday afternoon…

    But Arpaio would not commit, saying he had not yet made up his mind which Republican candidate he would support in 2012.

    Oh, quit playing hard to get, Joey! You know the only candidate who can truly match you for irrational anti-immigrant fanaticism is Bachmann. Or…y'know, everyone else but Perry, who is basically already president of a republic that runs on immigrants, legal and otherwise. (Safe to say that when Rick Perry is the only dude in the room with common sense, it's time to get the hell out of that room.)

    Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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