• Rick Perry Explains How RomneyCare Is Killing America

    Socialism! Creeping socialism! Creeping infectious pus-oozing pestiferous socialism.

    Some people would have you believe that this anti-American virus is completely benign at a local level, that a state — like, shall we say, Massachusetts — can get away with contaminating its own citizens with this wasting illness while leaving the citizens of neighboring states healthfully capitalistic.

    Not so!

    In fact, this progressive pandemic so insidious that the effects of just a little bit of socialized medicine in Massachusetts can be felt across the country, miles and miles away in states like, um, let's say Iowa

    "[RomneyCare has] cost taxpayers in Iowa and across this country nearly $4 billion in Medicaid and Medicare costs," Perry told a few hundred party faithful at a roast-beef-and-mashed-potatoes dinner in Greene County [Iowa].  "This isn't just about the state of Massachusetts and the cost to them directly. It’s also costing you."

    Perry, who did not take questions from reporters or the audience, cited a new study from the conservative Beacon Hill Institute that showed Romney's healthcare plan in Massachusetts had cost his home state 18,000 jobs.

    Hmmmmm… 18,000 jobs lost in Massachusetts and $4 billion in additional taxpayer dollars nationwide? That sounds not completely believable. But if the Beacon Hill Institute — which is "grounded in the principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility and free markets" — says it, it must be true.

    Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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