• Ralph Nader Is Already Figuring Out How to Ralph Nader Up This Election

    An old bit of I'm-not-so-certain-how-true-it-actually-is electoral wisdom states that it is incredibly difficult to unseat an incumbent president unless he has to face a strong contender in his party's primaries. (Think of Teddy Kennedy back in 1980.) Just wanted to provide you with a little bit of optimism that you can roll around in your head while continuing work on the Rick Perry fallout chamber you're building in your backyard. (Still not sure how you're planning on stocking eight years worth of 1st Degree Burn Blazin' Jalapeno Doritos down there, but I assume you've got stuff all worked out.)

    Oh, on a totally unrelated topic, Ralph Nader and Cornel West are looking to mount a half dozen campaigns against Obama next year

    The group said Saturday it is seeking six "recognizable, articulate" candidates who would not mount serious challenges to Obama, but "rigorously debate his policy stands" on issues related to labor, poverty, foreign policy, civil rights and consumer protections.

    [Ralph] Nader said Saturday it is "very unlikely" he would challenge Obama, and that he is gauging the interest of former lawmakers and governors, academics, authors and labor leaders.

    "I just want all these liberal, progressive agendas to be robustly debated. Otherwise, there will be a de facto blackout of their discussion" during next year’s campaign, Nader said.

    Running as a third party candidate? Bah! That's so 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004 and 2008. Primary running! That's the wave of the future. Get in early, fuck shit up asap, and then get out so that you can start making plans for the next election in four years.

    I do, however, empathize with Nader here. I think I share a lot of people's disappointment and frustration with President Obama, so I can totally see why you'd want to force him to publicly address progressives' concerns and make campaign promises to not keep. I respect Nader, and I think a lot of good can come from his efforts.

    For one thing, I'm looking forward to having less-complicated negative feelings about the president once again. I'm really looking forward to disliking President Perry.

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