• Ron Paul, California Straw Poll Winner, Is Your New Justin Bieber

    Everyone in California wants to make sexy love to Ron Paul! By "everyone" I mean a handful of the Golden State Republicans who actually voted in the 2011 Straw Poll.

    He garnered 374 votes to Rick Perry's piddling 244. Mysteriously, Rick Perry has yet to suspend his campaign and cede victory to the future President of the Pre-Woodrow Wilsonian Isolationist States of Libertamerica.

    But those 374 passionate people in California have made it clear: Ron Paul is a pop star!

    Paul is causing a sensation at the California Republican Party convention in Los Angeles, followed by hoards of chanting supporters as he makes his way around the JW Marriott at LA Live where 1,000 state party activists are convening in a three day meeting.

    The Texas Congressman was met by a parade of sign-bearing supporters on the street when he arrived at the hotel, and they have followed him adoringly around the venue. T-shirts on display proclaim the "Ron Paul Revolution" and "I'm voting for Peace."

    But has he been asked to pose for Playgirl? We think not.

    Ron Paul will never truly be King until a squealing Vince Vaughn or John Mayer asks him to sign a man-boob.

    Photo by Steve Pope/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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