• Barack Obama to Awkwardly Address United Nations General Assembly

    Important persons from all over the world are descending upon New York for the season premiere of everyone's favorite teevee show, United Nations: General Assembly. It is kind of like The Real World: San Francisco, what with all the concern about HIV/AIDS, the challenge of living together in peace and harmony, and the controversy over who stuck a finger in somebody else's jar of peanut butter (Puck = United States).

    President Barack Obama will make a speech, because this is what U.S. presidents do when tons of government employees from other countries come over to hang out, wear their colorful native costumes and take advantage of their diplomatic license plates by double-parking wherever they damn well please.

    But when he stands at the podium, will he face a warm, lively room or a pack of pissed-off hecklers?

    This week the President is in the hot seat, confronting Palestinian demands for statehood and a rising tide of anti-UN sentiment in the U.S. Congress. By pushing a UN Security Council vote on statehood –supported by a supermajority of UN member states — the Palestinian Authority (PA) has put Washington on the defensive. The United States will surely veto the resolution, which it considers a threat to Israel and a distraction from the peace process. But doing so will be excruciatingly awkward.

    Ooh, "excruciatingly awkward" like leading an impoverished existence in a squalid refugee camp with no hope of socioeconomic mobility or "excruciatingly awkward" like forgetting to sign your boss's birthday card? We need some clarity, CNN.

    Anyhoo, since there's not a snowball's chance in Ramallah that the United States will actually vote in favor of the resolution promoting Palestinian statehood, watch for some grumbling and booing from our planet's louder occupants when Obama speaks.

    Photo by Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call Group/Getty Images

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