• Bill O'Reilly Might Quit His Job If Barack Obama Raises Taxes on Millionaires

    Oh, man. It just keeps getting worse and worse. Every morning you wake up hoping for a glimmer of light in the sky, but when you pull back the shades, the clouds that greet you are more dark than the day before.

    Obviously, the economy has been really awful for the past couple of years, with no signs of recovery anytime soon, so: pretty bad.

    Then, just this past weekend, President Obama announces his plan to raise taxes on our intellectual and social betters, the nation's millionaire class. How are we proletariates supposed to go about our daily grind in the factories and mills knowing that our bosses' bosses will be forced to halve their weekly ration of shark fin soup? Obviously: very bad.

    But this… This is very badly extremely bad!!!

    [Bill] O'Reilly said in his Talking Points segment that opens each show that he wants the federal government to get more money, but just not from him. "If you tax achievement, some of the achievers are going to pack it in," he said, suggesting the money should come from people who are poorer — an idea he has previously floated.

    "My corporations employ scores of people. They depend on me to do what I do so they can make a nice salary. If Barack Obama begins taxing me more than 50%, which is very possible, I don’t know how much longer I'm going to do this. I like my job but there comes a point when taxation becomes oppressive. Is the country really entitled to half a person’s income?"

    Bill O'Reilly — America's second most powerful man — is going to… Go Galt?!?! (A perfect representation of my feelings right now.)

    This can't be happening? It can't! I will not accept it! Barack Obama will simply have to find some other way of raising revenue, because this will not stand. America will not stand for this. We've already lost so much as a nation. Must we also lose our precious Bill O'Reilly?

    Will we never see a silver lining in all of this?

    (via Reddit)

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