• Mitt Romney Has Perceived Edge on Rick Perry in National Election

    Okay, so, let's just say for the sake of argument that you have spent the past three years choking on an acute all-consuming rage because the President of the United States represents everything in the world that you behold to be most vile. What do you do when it comes time to pick an opposition candidate?

    Do you go with someone who thinks a whole lot like you and has a pretty good chance of beating the object of your abhorrence? Or do you go with the guy who is kind of a middle ground between your ideal candidate and the President who his hideous form carries, as if some sort of malevolent vessel, all that is loathsome and cruel, and has a very good chance of winning?

    Tough choice, eh?

    Rick Perry leads Mitt Romney by 31% to 24% in a new USA Today/Gallup poll of Republican presidential nomination preferences…

    The new poll finds the slight majority of Republicans, 53%, prefer to see their party nominate the person who has the best chance of beating Obama, even if that person does not agree with them on almost all of the issues they care about. 43% would prefer a candidate who does agree with them on almost all of the issues, even if that person does not have the best chance of winning in November 2012.

    Romney currently edges out President Barack Obama by 49% to 47% in national registered-voter preferences for the November election, while Perry trails Obama by 45% to 50%.

    Uh oh! Cognitive dissonance!

    Luckily, dealing with such things is a skill set that conservatives have hard-wired into them.

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