• Linda McMahon to Execute Flawless Suplex on Connecticut

    Former wrestling executive (this is an actual job) Linda McMahon, 62, is trying to fill the small, weird shoes of one Senator Joe Lieberman in 2012. And while she refused donations and spent $50 million of her own American dollars on her last campaign, she wants you to know that you may send her your own monies this time around.

    Let's learn more about this brave innovator who paved the way for humans to earn an income by smashing folding chairs across other humans' skulls

    A co-founder with her husband, Vince McMahon, of World Wrestling Entertainment, she drew on her biography of having started a business that now employs hundreds of people and is publicly traded.

    And she recounted past struggles with financial adversity, such as the time she and her husband filed for bankruptcy in the mid-1970s and made do without health insurance.

    "I know what our families are trying to do to survive every day," she said. "I've been there, and you never forget."

    Enjoy your future, Connecticut, in which all end-of-life counseling is provided by the Undertaker, and even the First Dude has a fake tan!

    Photo by Pool/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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