• America Has Pretty Much No Intention of Handing the Keys Back to the Democrats Anytime Soon

    Doesn't it seem kind of weird to you that Republicans would be so brazenly… Republican right now with the country in such an economic funk?

    One would think that telling America that it needs to raise taxes on the middle class in order to save tax breaks for millionaires, overhauling Medicare and privatizing Social Security would be… frowned upon. Especially considering that a huge chunk of their base are middle class senior citizens. Kinda seems like shooting yourself in the foot, doesn't it? You ever wonder why they feel so safe doing that?

    Well, the answer is actually a lot simpler than you'd likely suspect: Who else are people gonna vote for? Democrats?

    While the idea of recapturing the House in 2012 has always been something of a long shot in the wake of the massive losses House Democrats suffered in 2010, the consensus is that the odds have never been longer.

    "I'm glad the election's not today," said Democratic pollster Keith Frederick, a veteran of House races. "Every poll shows independents losing their patience for the president. These House elections tend to get nationalized, and there's no doubt right now that as a referendum on Barack Obama, House Democrats lose."

    So, yeah, the house is open. The doors are unlocked and all the good silver is just lying right there on the side table. John Boehner and Eric Cantor would be fools to not just start stuffing their pockets with as much as they can carry before somebody figures out what's going on and calls the cops.

    And the cops aren't coming for at least another three years. At least!

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