• LiveBlog: The Fox News/Google Republican Debate

    11:00 – Well, that is that. I'm not sure what there is to say about this debate. Everybody played their part well and nobody came right out and sucked the esophagus out of one of the other candidates. So, good job. What does everyone else think?

    10:54 – @TheRealDCF: "@TheInDecider @allisonkilkenny That's easy. They'd all marry Reagan, kill the sick, and fuck the unemployed. #tweetthepress"

    10:51 – Michele Bachmann paraphrased: "Even an idiot can beat Barack Obama next year, so choose me!"

    10:49 – I think Rick Perry wants to see Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain get it on.

    10:48 – So, does that mean that Ron Paul would chose himself as a running mate?

    10:47 – Newt Gingrich has to go an be a killjoy as usual.

    10:44 – Gary Johnson has the line of the night. "My neighbor's dogs have created more shovel-ready jobs than this administration." He should quit the race now. Always go out on a high note.

    10:42 – Rick Santorum paraphrased: "I can quote Ronald Reagan too! Look at me!"

    10:40 – Mitt Romney has figured out what makes America so special. We place our hands over our heart during the Pledge of Allegiance. Oh man, it was so simple! How did nobody figure that out before?

    10:39 – So, Herman Cain's plan for turning the country around is introduce more platitudes?

    10:36 – Bret Baier paraphrased: "I'm not asking for your jobs plans. I'm just looking for a opportunity to talk shit on the President."

    10:33 – Mitt Romney's really trying to make that "Nice try" thing stick. I'll bet he has a warehouse full of buttons with that printed on them.

    10:26 – Michele Bachmann paraphrased: "Look, I didn't say that the HPV vaccine causes mental retardation. I simply stated that the HPV vaccine causes mental retardation."

    10:22 – Herman Cain is exactly right! That's why everybody in Canada is dead.

    10:19 – So, Rick Santorum thinks that the gays and the straights should be banned from the military?

    10:15 – Michele Bachmann paraphrased: "We believe in religious freedom. You should be able to worship Jesus in any way you see fit."

    10:13 – Rick Santorum and Jon Huntsman are really going at each other for the privilege of being 7th place. I hope Herman Cain jumps in!

    10:10 – We need to stop sending so much money to all these foreign countries! Yay!!! And we need to support Israel unequivocally! Yaaaayyy!!!

    10:08 – @kbondelli: "Please God show Google search trends for Santorum. #GOPDebate"

    10:06 – I wonder if Republicans would still be so keen on Israel if it were full of Mexicans.

    10:04 – The way that YouTube guy pronounces his Hs makes me think that maybe he might have some Zionist tendencies maybe.

    10:03 – @pourmecoffee: "Our next YouTube questions comes from a Miss Rebecca Black, who would like to know which seat she should take."

    10:00 – @TheInDecider: "The Fox News Blondes have gotten more air time than Gary Johnson. #gopdebate"

    9:57 – 47 percent of Fox News poll responders would cut the Department of Education. And I'm sure that irony is lost on 47 percent of them.

    9:55 – The audience just laughed at the idea of Americans taking their money and going somewhere else. Hahahahaha! Oh, wait. That's going Galt. Booooooo!

    9:54 – Illegal immigrants receive less Medicaid and cash assistance than other households, and more than half of them work on the books and pay taxes.

    9:53 – Chris Wallace paraphrased: "Don't be a little bitch, Santorum, you're gonna get to talk in a second."

    9:50 – "The illegals." I'm sorry, but sounds a little like when my Aunt Rita says "the Jews." There's not technically anything wrong with it, but it sure feels wrong.

    9:49 – @LOLGOP: "Fun Fact: 'Nice try' is what the Mitt Romney 2000 is programed to say when confused."

    9:45 – Michele Bachmann wants to build a fence on every inch of our southern border? Who's going to do that? Her foster kids can only handle about half that job.

    9:42 – Michele Bachmann raised 23 foster children?! Why is the the first I'm hearing of this?!

    9:41 – @TheInDecider: "Wait, which parent is going to educate the children? Oh, right, the unemployed one. #gopdebate"

    9:40 – Rick Perry paraphrased: "Mitt Romney Barack Obama Mitt Obama Barack Romney."

    9:39 – When Herman Cain says the EPA is trying to regulate dust, what he means is that the EPA is not trying to regulate dust.

    9:37 – That lady paraphrased: "Can you please spend a few moments demonizing teachers?"

    9:36 – Newt Gingrich just missed a great opportunity to site one of his 73 books.

    9:34 - Man, Herman Cain is really into this Chilean model. I decided to google it, and I am totally convinced. Totally won me over.

    9:31 – Did Mitt Romney just discover that there's still a little juice left in the old "I didn't inhale" joke? I wonder if he's got any killer rabbit jokes up his sleeve.

    9:29 – Oh my God! There's two Rick Perrys out there? That's three too many Rick Perrys!

    9:21 – Jesus Christ. This debate looks like the Internet threw up all over my television screen. I wonder how they'll manage to shoehorn some Scumbag Steve jokes into this thing.

    9:16 - @TheInDecider: "Hahahahahaha 'President Cain.' Hahahahahahahaha. #gopdebate"

    9:13 – @mattyglesias: "Lies from Jon Huntsman: 'It's great to be here in Orlando.'"

    9:09 – Wait, what? Michele Bachmann thinks workers should get to keep every dollar they earn. So, she believes in NO taxes? Oh, wait, except for some of your money which the government should get to take. I guess that makes as much sense as anything she's ever said ever before.

    9:05 – So, two debates ago, the audience cheered for the death penalty, and in the last one they cheered for letting uninsured people die. What do you think they'll cheer for this time? I'm thinking brain cancer.

    9:02 – The old bell that Fox News used in their last debate was making dogs bark furiously? Who cares, big deal. Fox News has been doing that to my Uncle Fred for years.

    9:00 - Uh oh! This debate is being co-sponsored by Google? You know that's gotta be bad news for Rick Santorum. That guy just can't catch a break, can he?

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