• Mitt Romney Loves Carl's Jr. So, So Much

    We all know that mega-millionaire Mitt Romney is a mysterious shape-shifter not unlike that sexy blue lady from the X-Men, capable of morphing into whatever political creature is best suited to a particular time and place. And yeah, his staff is pushing to paint him as a total every-dude who is down with the common folks.

    But there's a flaw in the usual "Mitt's trying too hard to seem relatable" thesis so popular in the lamestream media

    Mr. Romney has tried the new $4.39 Carl’s Jr. jalapeño chicken sandwich ("delicious"), celebrated the Reagan Library debate with fast-food burgers and fries (again, Carl’s Jr.), and dug into a Subway flatbread sandwich while sitting in an airport terminal ("better than the usual campaign diet of morning donuts").

    These are all moments that he and his campaign have made a point of sharing with the public over Twitter.

    The unsubtle subtext is that Mitt is fake. And if you're a fancypants New York Times elitist who has never set foot in a nonorganic restaurant, maybe you'll believe this crap.

    But have you ever actually been to a Carl's Jr.? Their food is fucking delicious! You don't need to be an underinsured, underemployed factory worker in East Desperation, Nebraska to appreciate the plethora of taste sensations on offer at a kickass burger joint like Carl's Jr. The capacity to appreciate the deliciously charred remains of abused factory farm animals does not reside solely with those making under $40,000 a year.

    Which means that while Mitt Romney might be richer than God, he's still most assuredly a human being — which is more than can be said for some of his competitors.

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