• Troy Davis Executed, Ann Coulter Still on the Loose

    After a brief delay during which the US Supreme Court considered a stay, Troy Davis was executed by the state of Georgia at 11:08 last night. Davis, who was convicted of murdering a Savannah police officer 22 years ago, maintained his innocence to the end — a claim made credible made by a lack of physical evidence and the recantation of seven prosecution witnesses.

    With hundreds of thousands of activists pleading for clemency, the outcome was in doubt even as the clock crept past the scheduled hour for Davis's execution…

    The appeal to the Supreme Court was one of several last-ditch efforts by Mr. Davis on Wednesday. Earlier in the day, an official with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People said that the vote by the Georgia parole board to deny clemency to Mr. Davis was so close that he hoped there might be a chance to save him from execution.

    The official, Edward O. DuBose, president of the Georgia chapter, said the group had "very reliable information from the board members directly that the board was split 3 to 2 on whether to grant clemency."

    In such a controversial case, who could Americans turns to for an exegesis of the evidence and a moral examination of whether it's appropriate for man's life to hinge on a 3 to 2 vote? Ladies and gentlemen, Ann Coulter

    Oh, no! Someone's hacked into Coulter's Twitter account and impersonated a hyena cackling out morally questionable drivel! Luckily, the real Ann Coulter soon returned

    Oh… oh. Learning that this wasn't a parody account made me depressed enough that I thought about getting help from Rainbow Medical Associates and CorrectHealth, Inc., which sound like the kind of organizations that could help with my anguish. Unfortunately, they were busy helping the Georgia Department of Corrections provide execution services. A whole rainbow of execution services.

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