• Herman Cain Wins Florida Straw Poll, Presidency

    No kidding, folks…

    In a stunning upset Saturday, Herman Cain won Florida's Presidency 5 straw poll, a vote of 2,657 Republican activists that in past years has predicated the party nominee.

    Cain, the former CEO of Godfather's Pizza who charmed the three-day Republican conference's delegates, took 37.1 percent of the vote, with Texas Gov. Rick Perry second with 15.4 percent.

    Aaaaand that's it, game over. Herman Cain is the presumptive GOP nominee. Oh, no, I'm not the one making this presumption. What do I know? Professional politicos like Florida governor Rick Scott were the ones making this presumption, just a couple days ago…

    "Whoever wins this straw poll on Saturday will be the Republican nominee and I believe the Republican nominee will be the next President," Scott said. "I really believe whoever wins this is going to be the next President."

    Sorry, did I say Herman Cain was the presumptive GOP nominee? Whoops! I meant he's the next president. Of the United States.

    And I'm 110% sure that as soon as Herman Cain becomes president, Rick Scott will have a very high-ranking cabinet position.

    Photo by Steve Pope/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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