• Rick Perry Enrages Grandmas in Florida

    Texas Gov. Rick Perry has been found guilty of the ultimate sin among today's Republicans: treating the children of impoverished humans from foreign lands like (gasp!) actual people. What a jerk, right?

    Over the weekend, the enraged grandparents of Florida punished him for this treachery by electing that nice black gentleman president of the Sunshine State. At CPAC FL, Perry trotted out a retread of his heinous answer in the last Republican presidential debate to Mitt Romney's salvo against Perry's in-state tuition allowance for the children of illegal immigrants.

    Let's revisit that original exchange, shall we?

    Perry signed the bill, HB 1403, in 2001 with the support of all but four legislators, making Texas the first state to grant in-state tuition to children of undocumented immigrants who have lived in the state for three years and are seeking permanent residency.

    Perry's forceful defense of the legislation — he said skeptics of the bill don't "have a heart" — was the talk of conservative activists in Orlando this weekend for Presidency 5, the three-day Republican Party of Florida convention that hosted the debate.

    Between his valiant attempt to prevent Texan girls from developing cervical cancer and his devotion to the idea that education can make valuable citizens of impoverished kids, Rick Perry is starting to sound suspiciously like a human being instead of a hate-spewing robot.

    Someone ought to tell him that respect for science, women, and poor children just doesn't fly with today's Republican base.

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