• Chris Christie Teases GOP with Denials of Presidential Run

    New Jersey governor and GOP heartthrob Chris Christie might be a serious contender for the Republican nomination, if he wasn't so busy putting over-entitled corporate executives schoolteachers in their place and denying taxpayer support for the Garden State's most vital cultural export.

    Again and again, Christie has made it clear he wants to remain Governor until 2016, issuing repeated denials at… fundraisers and speaking events across the country. Yesterday, Christie made a pilgrimage to the Temple of the Great Communicator, the Shrine of Supply-side, the¬†Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley…

    The Republican governor warned that the nation's credibility abroad was being damaged by troubles at home. He charged that an indecisive White House has deepened the nation's economic pain, and he accused President Barack Obama of preparing to divide the country to win re-election next year.

    Christie later said in a question-and-answer session that he was flattered by suggestions he run in 2012, but he added, "that reason has to reside inside me."

    The mixed signals and hard-to-get routine have driven Republican voters to desperation

    GOP electorate: Hit us with it! Just give it to us straight! We came a long way just to see you, Chris. The least you can do is level with us. What are our chances?

    Christie: Not good.

    GOP electorate: You mean, not good like one out of a hundred?

    Christie: I'd say more like one out of a million.


    GOP electorate: So you're telling us there's a chance… YEAH!

    But how long will the torrid, unrequited love last? Probably only until the same right-wing activists who hold an inquisition when a Muslim dares to join their Party figure out that Christie sometimes puts his big mouth to good use defending the loyalty of Muslim-Americans and expounding on other unacceptably humane themes.

    Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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