• Chris Christie Fundraising in Louisiana with Bobby Jindal

    Chris Christie will not let a good spotlight go to waste. He's using his time in the sun to help raise funds for Louisiana's favorite Big Bang Theory cast-member Bobby Jindal. There's so much coverage of the Louisiana fundraising events, everyone must be really pumped for Bobby Jindal's reelection…

    Just kidding! What everyone wants to know is will Chris Christie run for President or will he continue not-not running for President?

    "If you’re looking for leadership in America, you know you’re not going to find it in the Oval Office," Christie said. "You're finding leadership in America in the statehouses — with 29 Republican governors — in the statehouses across America." He continued, "We're the ones who are making the difference. We’re the ones who are telling you the truth."

    Them's presidentin' words. So either Chris Christie is just waiting for the peak of excitement to announce his candidacy or he is playing a long con, stringing the media along to help get him reelected as New Jersey Governor (which is like robbing a bank to steal all the chain counter pens).

    Remember when Lost was on the air and people online would speculate endlessly over every little detail? Chris Christie is the new Lost (he too will disappoint all his fans).

    MSNBC asks "Chris Christie a fundraising genius?" It's depressing to think that a respected politician would treat the nation's search for a leader as a game. But what's even more depressing is the opposite…

    "We now have people across this country," Christie said, "who are trying to tell us that the only way life can get better for folks — especially folks now who are struggling and suffering through this difficult economy — is to take things away from people who have been successful and redistribute them to those who are hurting. That’s not the America I believe in."

    Yeah! America isn't about helping people! Boo, helping people! This guy that hates helping people should lead us into a bright new future where we help no one!

    Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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