• Florida Throws GOP Primary Schedule into Total Disarray

    Last week, the Florida GOP announced that it would be forfeiting half its delegates and moving its primary up undetermined date after Republican candidate had effectively been chosen to January 31, not only putting it ahead of the four traditional early voting states — Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina — but making it the very first primary of the 2012 primaries, an enviable that it managed to hold onto for almost a whole weekend

    South Carolina's Republican presidential primary will be held on Jan. 21 of next year, two GOP sources tell CNN…

    "Last Friday, a nine-person committee brought chaos to the 2012 calendar," said South Carolina GOP Chairman Chad Connelly. "Today, South Carolina is making things right. South Carolina Republicans have a thirty year track record of picking the eventual Republican Presidential nominee. We will continue that historic tradition on January 21, 2012."

    God forbid one of those ridiculous other 46 states gets a say in who runs the country next year. That would just be insane. But now that South Carolina's proper place is restored, does that mean that Florida is the new Nevada? That cannot happen!

    Nevada Republicans decided Saturday to move up the GOP presidential caucuses to January to preserve the state's early voting spot, although it will cost the Silver State half its delegates at the national convention.

    The GOP executive board voted to go ahead with plans to hold its caucuses on the Saturday following New Hampshire, once that state decides a new date. It will be after the traditional first-in-the-nation Iowa caucuses.

    Okay, so, Nevada is moving itself up ahead of Florida but behind New Hampshire? But when is New Hampshire going to go? Is it really going to allow itself to hold its super important primaries in the same month as a ridiculous little state like Florida? Not bloody well likely

    New Hampshire Secretary of State William Gardner is refusing to rule out a December presidential primary, with other states angling for new positions on the political calendar.

    Strong move, New Hampshire. Strong move. No reason that the 2012 primaries need to take place in 2012. That's totally inside-the-box thinking. But what does this mean for Iowa?

    Iowa intends to hold its caucuses eight days ahead of New Hampshire, as it traditionally does.

    So, even if New Hampshire scheduled its primary for the very last day of 2011, that would place Iowa's caucuses on the day before Christmas Eve? And neither of those dates seem likely. Could all this possibly push the Iowa caucuses back into November? I don't know. Probably not, but who knows. The Republican Party isn't exactly the reasonable response to small matters party lately , is it?

    All this chaos actually works out to Rick Perry's benefit, I think. The further these get pushed backwards on the calendar, the better his chances, since he seems to be bleeding support like a hemophiliac in a dodgeball game.

    Hopefully, for his sake, these primaries will get pushed back to three weeks ago when he still seemed like a shoo-in.

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