• Chris Christie Continues Not Running for President

    Big news, everybody! Chris Christie — the conservative governor of New Jersey who has stated no less than twenty times over the course of the past year that he is not interested in running for president — held a press conference this afternoon to announce that he is not running for president.

    This obviously comes is a crushing blow to all of us

    "In the end, what I've always felt was the right decision remains the right decision today. Now is not my time. I have a commitment to the people of New Jersey that I simply will not abandon," Christie said, speaking to reporters in Trenton. "People sent me to Trenton to get a job done, and I'm just not prepared to walk away."…

    Christie said he'd felt obligated to reconsider after being approached by so many people in recent weeks, but his decision is final, explaining, "I think they understand that this was a longshot for them to change my mind in the first place."

    Wow. You really have to admire that kind of conviction. He says what he means and he stands behind his decisions.

    I wonder if we can get him to run for president.

    Photo by Joe Corrigan/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

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