• Rick Perry Drops to Fourth Place in New Florida Poll

    Holy hell! Have you seen this new poll from Florida? Did that guy murder a flamingo or something?

    WRL, which the St. Petersburg Times (Fla.) says typically polls for Republicans, showed Romney in first with 28 percent, Cain in second with 24 percent, and Gingrich in third with 10 percent. Gov. Rick Perry, R-Texas, fell to fourth place with 9 percent — a 15 point drop from a WRL poll taken before the Florida debate.

    Okay, so Perry dropped from sharing a lead spot with Mitt Romney to being fourth behind Romney and Herman Cain. Call me old fashioned, but usually fourth place spots are reserved for those who are behind three other people. But The Examiner makes no mention of a third place candidate. What's going on here? Who can possibly be running behind Cain but ahead of Perry?

    Let's check another source

    Perry had been tied as a Florida frontrunner with Mitt Romney at about 25 percent on Sept. 20, dropped to third/fourth place with 9 percent of the vote where he’s statistically tied with Newt Gingrich (10 percent).

    Newt Gingrich?! Newt Gingrich is polling higher than Perry?! Okay, "statistically tied" with Rick Perry?! It doesn't matter if Gingrich has three more votes than Perry, that's goddamned embarrassing. That guy doesn't leave his house except to get limo driven to a debate or to pick out a new diamond choker for his wife, and he's "statistically tied" with Perry?

    How could this have happened? Could it possibly be something he said?

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