• Mitt Romney Is Going to Be the Republican Nominee Whether They Like It or Not

    Mitt Romney is many things to many people at many different times. He's been at times a pragmatic moderate, a raging conservative and a borderline progressive. He's been both vehemently pro-life and pro-choice. He is a pioneer in socializing health care and its greatest combatant. He's been the likely Republican candidate and a has-been who let his last chance at the White House slip through his fingers.

    Mostly, though, he's been an incredibly persistant dermatophyte fungal infection on the taint of the Republican Party, and no matter how many alternative candidates they treat him with, this case of Mitt Romney 2012 simply will not go away

    With New Jersey Gov. Christopher Christie out of the Republican presidential race, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney jumps to a 22 percent lead, followed by business man Herman Cain with 17 percent and Texas Gov. Rick Perry with 14 percent — a 10-point drop in five weeks, according to a Quinnipiac University national poll released today.

    This compares to an August 31 survey by the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University, showing Perry at 24 percent, followed by Romney at 18 percent, with Cain in sixth place with 5 percent.

    With Christie in the race, he and Romney are tied among Republicans and Republican leaners at 17 percent each, followed by 12 percent for Cain, 10 percent for Perry and no other candidate above 7 percent.

    At a certain point, the GOP is simply going to have to accept that Mitt Romney is their candidate and start thinking of ways to contain the unpleasant and irritating itch instead of ways to fix it.

    Like, what is the political equivalent of Gold Bond?

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