• Michele Bachmann Turns to God for Campaign Help

    You know, for a little while there, it really almost kinda seemed sorta like Michele Bachmann might maybe have a somewhat decent-ish chance at possibly winning the GOP nomination perchance.

    But then Rick Perry entered the race, and he was equally photogenic and similarly uninformed and comparably vocal about his fundamentalist religious beliefs, but he didn't carry with him the baggage of a spouse who screamed "Haggard's Law" louder than an air-raid siren in a methamphetamine-fueled circuit party. So, the hard core Republican vote flowed from Bachmann to Perry.

    But now that people are realizing that Rick Perry is Rick Perry, his support is waning, too. Unfortunately for Michele Bachmann, she's still Michele Bachmann, so the support is not going back to her. It's going to Herman Cain, who people have still apparently not figured out is Herman Cain.

    So, times have been tough for the one-time frontrunner Bachmann. And in these periods of tribulation, she knows that there's only one thing to do. Turn to God. Or, to his earthly emissaries at any rate

    "Don't settle," has become Bachmann's pitch as she tells Christian conservatives they shouldn't accept a Republican nominee who isn't fully dedicated to their priorities.

    It's likely to be her message when she speaks Friday night to activists gathered at the Values Voters Summit in Washington, a who's who of social conservatives who lead the constituencies Bachmann needs to court…

    So, as she looks for a political lifeline, Bachmann has retooled her message to focus intensely on energizing conservative Christian voters, who traditionally have a heavy influence in the early voting states of Iowa and South Carolina. Bachmann's campaign still views tea party support as integral to her success, and she still talks about fiscal issues, but she's also returned to speaking in more overtly religious terms.

    And I asked, "Lord, why is it that during the most troublesome periods of Michele Bachmann's campaign, there were only one set of footprints in the sand?

    The Lord responded, "O, my child, don't you see? The periods when you have seen only one set of footprints, that's when I was meeting with powerful Republican strategists and donors to determine who had the best chance of unseating Barack Obama in a general election."

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