• This Is the Sound of Michele Bachmann Running Out of Steam

    Poor Michele Bachmann. Running a presidential campaign has got to be pretty massively exhausting. Keeping a smile stretched unnaturally across your face for hours or days. Shaking hands, picking babies, autographing rifles. It's gotta take a toll on you, even for a candidate in ascent. But what about candidates not in ascent? Or, like Michele Bachmann, very very not in ascent?

    Attendees of the Values Voter Summit in Washington this past weekend got a good look at what that kind of grind can do to a once resplendent firebrand

    The old standards were all there: I will repeal Obamacare, she promised. Conservatives don't have to settle for a moderate, she pleaded. Let's make Barack Obama a "One! Term! President!" she chanted, though this time it sounded more like, "One. Term. President."

    Pavvo Ensio from Tucson, Arizona, put it kindly when he said it wasn't her best performance. "She said all the things I agree with and want to hear," he said as he left the ballroom with his wife. 'But it was kind of flat."

    She knows. She knows that her campaign in currently costing downhill on an empty tank of gas, and it probably doesn't have enough momentum to get it up over the next hill. You know she knows because of the way she's pretty much just coming out and promising Evangelicals that she'll run the nation as a theocracy and making overt appeals to the lesser angels of voters' rationality, like she does in this mailer that went out the other day

    "We conservatives have a great opportunity at hand- we can have it all this year because Barack Obama will be a one-term President! We don't have to settle for a moderate for the sake of winning. We can stay true to our values, take back our country and win the White House in 2012!"

    The message is pretty clear. Almost embarrassingly clear: Anybody can beat Barack Obama this time around, so why not give the nomination to someone who would normally have no chance of beating Barack Obama? let's put the least capable person in the White House now, while we can!

    I'll bet you something very similar to that exact phrasing was in the original draft of that mailer.

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